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I FEEL SO GRATEFUL FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED me through this venture, especially when I am so penniless. My very talented cousin helped me conduct my first ever photo shoot with a real make-up artist and model (who is also my co-creator who was able to fill in last minute). It was an awesome experience to see how my work would be presented and expressed. It made everything seem more real. These photographs were so integral to be used for various applications to demonstrate purpose, poetry and most importantly, be a portfolio piece.

Shout out to Eric Tong Photography (the two black-and-white photos are courtesy of him as well) and Make-up Artist, Lennie Ede for lending me their amazing talents.

Update: See the completed photographs from the shoot here.



Photoshoot 3

PhotoShoot 2

Photoshoot 7



TODAY I HANDED IN THE FINAL DELIVERABLES required to complete my studio requirements for my BDES. It’s strange to think my 7 years of school have worked up to this point. However, there is little room to celebrate as everyone prepares for the undergraduate degree exhibition (May 5-19th). Unlike the rest of the show, the design majors at Emily Car University curates within its department and it’s always this mad scramble to make custom displays, format documents, print takeaways, etc. Despite my efforts to keep my 8×8′ space simple, I decided to make custom shelves to house my pieces. I’m kicking myself for the extra work, but I know it’ll look beautiful and clean. Thankfully, my dad is helping me build some smaller components which gives me more time to develop my supplementary pieces. It’s coming together.

My final maquette with exception to the tiny ipad which will be replaced be a monitor

Maquette Spread

Every student’s exhibition model laid on the floor plan for the curatorial committee

More Behind the Jump

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