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By tracing the existing lines on her face, Israeli artist, Noa Zilberman, creates a collection of jewelry highlighting the beauty of the aging process instead of hiding it. This is very refreshing perspective on society’s unfortunate obsession with youth and beauty. What are commonly seen as imperfections are embraced and celebrated.

THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, all 4th year students were asked to put together 10 slides at 10 seconds each to introduce their proposed problem space for their graduation projects and speak about what kind of designer they are and want to be. Even out of school I spent many months pondering this, but putting it on paper is another task entirely. In time, I was able to deconstruct a long list to the most fundamental properties of my design philosophy (which may change and probably will be adjusted):

SIMPLICITY- Accomplished design is not convoluted. It’s honest and bare-bones. As Dieter Rams says, “less, but better”.

COMPASSION- Every designer wants to change the world, whether on a macro or micro level. We believe in humanity and want to make life better for each other. Compassion is a driving force to make that change.

The following themes I take under consideration during the development phase of any project. All three are reoccurring subjects during the process of this graduation project:

NARRATIVE- Stories and memories bond us to things, establishing a depth of connection which on can feel we can feel familiarity and comfort towards. Something as simple as a cracked bowl can have specific meaning to someone and not another, and that’s kind of magical.

CURIOSITY- Curiosity, in the sense of playfulness and whimsy, is a very inviting quality. It can enrich an object by making the subject more accessible and the experience more surprising or memorable.

HUMAN CONDITION- There is an interesting relationship between the user and an object to be explored. Does one define the other? Can an object make you more human? Or less?

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